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Ricky Hilton

Post by Diakoru on Sun Jun 19, 2016 1:21 am

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character name & background : My name is Ricky Hilton and my brother Bobby and I are both moonshiners from Louisiana. We both loved running moonshine but we had bigger dreams of better places than the swamp, a mystical and magical land known as Texas. Ever since we were little we dreamed of finally moving there and owning a ranch to be genuine cowboys, almost had enough money saved up from running moonshine too. Just one last run and we could go live the dream. But of course when is it ever so simple? Some how the cops got a hold of when we where doing our next run and they ambushed us when we where transporting the goods. There must have been 30 cars chasing us around the state, but then again I never learned how to count so maybe it was more like 5 or 6. I leaned out the window and fired my trusty shotgun at the cars chasing us hoping it would slow them down. The front tire of the lead car burst and it swerved out of control to the side of the road but another car filled in and took its place. Bobby swerved and flew through the other traffic which was quite amazing considering he was drunk off our own moonshine.

The cops where hot on our tail and showed no sign of letting up anytime soon. They began to fire back at us and they blew out the back window. I ducked back inside the truck as to keep myself from getting shot. Getting shot at always made me feel like I was back in the Marines. I breach open my shotgun and unload the expended shells and put two new ones in their place. Bobby pulled off the highway onto a side road as I leaned back out the window and fired off my shotgun twice at the pursuing vehicles before dipping back inside again. It looked like the cops where starting to slow there pursuit when bobby suddenly jerks the truck to the side and it tumbles. As the vehicle flips and tosses I can taste the moonshine flying around inside from the broken jars. After that it all goes black for awhile.

I wake up on a bed with my wrist cuffed to the rail, fancy monitors and equipment all around the bed. My right arm was pressed against my torso and was held there by a sling. It felt like there where bandages around my head too. A man in a suit walked into my room and I could tell immediately that he was one of them lawyer types. He told me Bobby and I where in an accident, and we had both been apprehended by the police. I suffered a broken arm and had some pretty bad cuts on my head but Bobby was a lot worse off after the accident. Apparently he wasn't waking up and the doctors didn't know if he ever would again. The lawyer said all I had in my future was prison walls unless I agreed to go through with a special new program where they ship you off to some island to test our ability to survive in this new type environment. I asked the man if I could make moonshine on this island and he just nodded. That was reason enough for me to go to wherever the hell he wants to send me.


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