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Aurelia lupus

Post by Ombra Jinx on Fri Jun 17, 2016 3:44 pm

Aurelia lupus

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Diary entry 1
So I guess I better start from the begging. My name is Aurelia Lupus, I’m sixteen years old and if name didn’t all ready give it away I’m a lycanthrope. I spent my entire life at our den with my pack, note a care in the world, the life of a pup is good! My parents were the Alfas so I was treated like a princess . There were 7 to my pack my parents, Our Beta Sven, Myself, Trent, Caprice and Silvea, I spent my puphood playing with Silvea in the forest that surrounded our den. Silvea was the omega of the pack as she was a half blood; I’m what is known as an pureblood being 100% lycanthrope. Our pack laws were surrounded by traditions, ranging from small things like the Alphas eat first to larger ones like the Hunt. It’s the Hunt that led me to where I am now, It was my sixteenth birthday and my day could not have started better I got to be the first to eat, then spent Time with Silvea we chatted and discussed what the change would be like for me, It was meant to be a life changing experience and I could understand why, IT would be the first time I would take my human form, I would finally see what my parents could see, hear the animals in the forest as they went about their daily tasks. The change brought many benefits along with its disadvantages, I would only ever have one mate, I would get a taste for blood and raw meat, I would always be sub servant to an Alfa male wolf. After my time with Silvea I got ready for the Hunt. The Hunt is a tradition that dates back further than memory, when a pup comes of age and has there changing on their sixteenth birthday they must prove their worth to the pack by going on a sole hunt and bring back a deer for the pack. It was banishment for those who failed. Everyone came to see me of and I walked into the woods pulled by instinct to the changeling pool, its waters sparkled like diamonds. The moon full, rays of light glistening of the leaves. I felt the change come the pain passed as fast as it arrived. Looking round I examined the word with new eyes, all my senses heighted It was during this time I felt pulled by something in the forest it was like it was calling my name. Changing back to my wolf form, I ran towards the pull. Something flashed past to my left, Lupa could it be the mother wolf goddess was leading me, I ran with her until i could run know more exhaustion taking me I passed out, just before my eyes closed I could feel her nose nuzzle my cheek. When I awoke I found myself once again in my human form nothing but my underwear covering me, My arm itched and I discovered a strange metal diamond in it, looking round my forest was gone and in its place was a beach of an island. And that leads us to were I’m now stand naked for all purposes on a beach trying to decided what to do was lupa leading me here, if so for what reason, I am I meant to find a way home or should I find a pack here, where will my path take me?
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