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Post by Darth Crypt on Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:47 am

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character name & background :

Xander the Wanderer. He started his life like any other. Just appearing. He was the first. The first person, the first man, the first being that god ever created. His calling was to wander the world and observe the race of man for god through the eyes of man.  He knew he was different as he wandered throughout history watching man as they made mistake after mistake. After being an observer for so long Xander decided to involve himself in the worldly affairs of man. At first people seemed to take him as he was, just another man. He spent his life helping were he could. Learning all he could and become apart of society. He learned early that he could only spend around 20 or so years with any one group as he did not age and people tended to look at him differently when things don't change. Xander was careful not to get to close to anyone. He fell in love a couple times but never married and would always find a way to disappear when things got to be to much. One day as he was traveling North America he met a strange man that seemed awfully familiar. "I Have a new place for you to go and observe. Be careful you will not be the same there." The man said to Xander. Xander does not know how but the next thing he knew he was in a strange paradise of a sort with creatures that should not be.

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