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Bookan Jarana Whitelist App

Post by ThumperTheRabbit on Thu Jun 16, 2016 11:19 am

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character name & background : Bookan Jarana was born and raised with his fruk wookan jarana.bookan followed zeeg wookan's footsteps becoming e builder. Bookan made many mistakes with building,
he quit after time, he decided ota become e known blacksmith of his Nah-chin. He knew kash ota build certain tools and burn some items jad due ota ta experience with
rebel soldiers.zeeg ta empire attack he was not captured like his fruk he fell from his weewa on siz luckily landing zeeg one of ta rebel's backs and survived
sadly ta rebel was dead. Bookan ran for his life, being shot at by all different directions. He found cover behind e thuck then turning around back at ta forestry
from his weewa being burnt jad he saw two men zeeg white, they aimed at bookan and pulled ta trigger blinding bookan following with e scream. Bookan woke up by e
tree with e small picket fence, noticing e fimiliar figure.


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