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Post by MsTron on Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:31 am

Forum Name: MsTron

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character name & background :

Character's name is Maca.

Maca is a silver fox spirit; recently brought into the Yokai world, she still has the mind similar to a wild fox, but is quickly gaining intelligence and wit. She often finds herself nicking anything that isn't nailed down, especially if it's shiny. She died in the cold of winter, not even after reaching maturity as a fox, and her spirit lingered, helping people off the side of the mountain where she died. After years and years of guarding her hill side, she grew in power and knowledge, and was able to take a corporeal form, and walk among men. She found people fascinating, and always enjoyed watching them get flustered or upset of the tiniest things. She spent many years traveling, and even crossing the ocean a few times. A force called out to her, some unknown power emerged in the seas, and she was soooo very curious.... She was able to... "persuade" a man to take her towards where this power was emanating from. Once she crossed some fairly rough seas, she felt pulled into the powerful force. She woke up on the beach, powers drained, and tagged by an item in her wrist.


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