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Hickle Whitelist application

Post by Hickle on Wed Jun 15, 2016 5:12 pm

Forum name: Hickle

Steam Id: Am doing this from mobile will edit when I get home

Character name: Hickle

Background: Where to begin... Well I was born in a semi modern day England 1987 to be exact. I spent the majority of my younger days passing the time in the country side, playing games with a small group of friends. Standard games like 40,40 in and Bulldog with an occasional kick around of a football, not long before my 10th birthday I was given the unfortunate news that I would be moving, luckily I was never given enough time to feel sad or lost as we moved almost immediately. Or at least that's how I recall it. It took me several years after the move to come to terms with what had happened and to break out of my shell.

Finally the end of school had been and gone and I decided to take a gap year and travel the world, so many things to do, places to see and food to eat (yummy delicious). It was during this time that it happened! He arrived!

One day I was out at an outdoor music festival and had a few beers when I heard this strange and crazy sound, I struggle to remember the noise but it sounded like someone wheezing and struggling to breath, only if that was the case the person in question would have been huge, I'm talking taller than any person has a right to be, so feeling an intense need to visit a privie I got up and started walking to the porta loo's. Everyone was queuing like mad and being at the point of dribbling I spotted what I thought was an empty stall and BONUS!! No que!! So I quickly ran over to it and started trying to get in, the doors would not open. After banging on them (rather hard) incase the last occupient had fallen asleep someone opened up and I was pulled in.

I stood rooted to the spot, not only had someone pulled me into their toilet but it didn't smell and most astonishingly it wasn't even a toilet. I gasped and totally forgot that I needed the loo in the first place. For I had wandered into a strange and magical place, it was massive in there and had lots of flashing lights and strange noises. And amongst all of the noise and confusion stood what I hoped to be two people. I remember timidly asking "Am I dead?" To which one replied "I certainly hope not!" Then the other guy called for introductions. He went first and said "I'm Captin Jack Harkness" and then pointed at the other fella and said "He's the Doctor"

And all of a sudden it hit me BLAM!!!! I really needed to pee, and it was at this point I turned to open the door hoping to have a quiet piddle and instead I woke up on the beach as if it had all been a dream only I'm stuck on this stinking island. There are some terrible little beasties that keep pestering me, for want of a better work I shall call them dinosaurs because I have seen them in books and other places but they can't be dino's as I was born in the 80s and dino's had been extinct for millions of years and couldn't possibly here now with me.

To cap it all off I had the most amazing wee in the sea (it's the law) and have set off along this beach. Mental note to self do not eat the black berries, unless you want to wake up several days later with a thick and thumping head coupled with a dodgy tummy. This must all be a bad dream I will wake up soon won't I?


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