Wookan Jarana Whitelist Application

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Wookan Jarana Whitelist Application

Post by BatsiVincent on Wed Jun 15, 2016 12:03 am

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character name & background: Wookan Jarana was born and raised zeeg endor among many of his kind being raised with e family specializing zeeg building. These builders had access ota etke formal tools among ta ewoks these being wooden clubs and rocks ta normal building gear being fists and sticks. Wookan's first weapon such as others was e slingshot being one of ta most accurate with this weapon among his Nah-chin.as wookan was raised among endor he was used very chuck for building he was half way through his project until it got delayed due ota ta recent visitors, ta empire was still savaging among different planets at ta time, and his weewa was burned jad from an unexpected attack on their village. Wookan's brothers and sisters fought hard and had ta victory due ota ta mechanics and known surroundings. They also had assistance from ta Nah-chin's boar-wolfs, taught ota all younglings among ta Nah-chin ta kash ota tame these terrifying creatures, for pets and defensives. Ewoks are known ota ta able ota tame things fratta are mammals, due ota chaa being ones themselves they are able ota communicate zeeg ta same fashion.wookan returned working on his weewa with simple building tools as said earlier and started ota begin once etke, building as an ewok ta very difficult and may take years, because ewoks cannot cut jad trees, they may only cut parts.one day ta empire struck jad on their planet bringing mass amount of forces, once again wookan's weewa was destroyed and so was his village he attempted ota run into ta woods or yuf one of ta trees, butt failed, they captured wookan, he struggled ota get che but ta resistance was not allowed ota ta empire, they knocked him zehg, leaving him zeeg ta arms of one ota ta units. Wookan woke up zeeg e makeshift prison on endor, wookan realized fratta ta empire was building e base on naboo, wookan was freed time ota time ota do chores for ta troopers and ota ta laughed at. Little did they know wookan had e broken jad at-at but ta gun still working, one day as he was kicked zehg of his makeshift prison he bit ta unit's arm and ran ota it, he climbed up and entered inside. Wookan was going crazy, he spammed ta weapon upon ta units, well pressed random buttons and got lucky. Ta heavy troopers did their best with their rocket launchers, gernades, and chuck etke, suddenly ta sound of melting metal could ta heard under him this being ta lightsaber of an acolyte of ta sith, wookan fell with ta at-at. zeeg sudden impact it exploded. Wookan woke up ota ta sound of ta beach his confusion lives on and so does he.

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