Torstein Whitelist Application

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Torstein Whitelist Application

Post by Captain Cannibal on Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:00 pm

Forum Name: Captain Cannibal

steam64 id: 76561198227058532

character name & background: Torstein

In the beginning my people controlled everything, we took everything and anything we please. Land, fortunes and even women.
We couldn't be stopped. We gained more power every passing day until one of our own made a new kind of ship..
This ship was able to take us further then we have ever gone before, discovering new lands with each voyage. Pillaging more homes then we could ever imagine.
Yet all great things must come to a pass.

In the late hours as we celebrated our victories and celebrated our mighty dead's passing to to the mighty halls of Valhalla to feast with our father Odin, they came..
Strange creatures in the night, tearing man and women alike limb from limb without even the slightest bit of remorse in their eyes.

Darkness... I could feel the blood streaming out of my body, hear the distant shouts of my people..

I keep fading in and out of consciousness, will this be the night the Valkyrie take me?

The cold night air began to fade.. Leaving the slow calming of the summers heat making its way over the land.
As I awoke, pain free oddly enough I took to noticing my wound was taken care of. Badly bandaged but it held. Who had helped me and why? There was no one in sight..
As I staggered through the woods I came across my camp, everyone dead. Some missing, most likely carried off by whatever came for us in the night. Not even Thor's blessing would have saved us. I gathered up what weapons and supplies I could find and set out.

As I made my way to the coast and finally caught sight of our ships a beam of white hot light shot down from the sky, devouring my body... My entire being.
It seared deep within my bones and I was no more.

I awoke for the second time this day.. This time on a small muddy island. The water was so clear, revealing strange creatures. Large birds with and without feathers soared through the air.
Feeling a strange tingling sensation in my wrist I began scratching it only to find something had been placed there. Cutting around trying to pull it out to no avail, realizing it was apart of me..
A small spark emitting from it, not sure why, it was strange.

Gathering what wood and other materials I could find I built myself some shelter. Over time I began to realize these animals could be of great use. Using them to collect wood, flint and stone. Hunt for meat and even render others unconscious. It was all great until someone came upon the back of the great flying beasts. Pointing bow and spear at me, speaking in a strange tongue I couldn't even begin to fathom. Attempting to strike at me was the last thing he had ever tried to do.. A great bird alone now.. I took him as my own. A way to discover more of what surrounded this island.

As the time passed I found myself interacting with more humans everyday, the object in my arm was supposed to help translate but I think I must have damaged it when I attempted to remove it when I came here. They slowly thought me to speak their language trough more....annoying ways.. I slowly learned.

The great storm hit.. The ocean tearing itself apart, tree's being torn from their roots. I regret living on this island now.
I massive sail had struck my longhouse causing terrifying amounts of damage. It bore the colors of The Blue Tortuga. A ship that had been beached not far from my home.
As the storm became more violent I could feel the foundation of my home cracking, breaking away from each other until it finally happened.
Torn out into the ocean, barely grabbing hold of a sturdy plank I managed to keep myself afloat.
Drifting off into the distance, into nothing but darkness.

It's been almost a month now. I've washed up on what I think is another Island.
I've not met anyone yet, but I have heard the voices of angels in the night. I can understand them...
So I leave this entry for whoever may find it..

If there are any other vikings in these lands, come find me. It's lonely being the only one of our people.


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