Bigby Wolfee - Appliaction

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Bigby Wolfee - Appliaction

Post by Bowie Riddle on Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:43 pm

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Bigby Wolfee

"My lips are sealed..."

Bigby Wolfee. A woodsmen, grown up in unknown lands for a the mere reason of chopping wood, or at least he thought so. Bigby Wolfe and his wife Winter Wolfe, a beautiful pair, measured to live a happy life until the very end of their life.. Which, funnily enough never seemed to have an end. Why? Who knew, nobody could tell. A part from the man who dwell with both pen and paper. The storyteller! Yes the storyteller is the man whom created both fables and mundies. Now what's the difference between mundies and fables? One being noble and blunt humans, other's being terrifying monsters with no other purpose than to scare and add excitement to the everyday life.. or that's at least the story you'd be given by a mundy. If you ask a fable, their purpose is to have the reader reach the end of their very own book. Bigby Wolfe, a twenty-one years old young woodsmen who had the side of a noble, helpful and thoughtful being and a wolf with never ending hunger, a lust to tease and terrify mundies until the end of their miserable life. Yes, Bigby was a fable and as for Winter. Both of them knowing their true identity, they cover their own mind with the magic known as a glamour. The glamour fools the mundies and makes them believe that they're one of them, however. Behind the smoke and mirrors, every fable knows their true identity.

Every fable would be given a title or a fancy name to fit their true side. Bigby would be known as The big bad wolf. An interesting fairy tale, that includes the lost life of foolish girl and a heroic woodsmen that would save the day. Technically, Bigby is his own worse enemy, however. Bigby's sight would be fooled once in a while and one beautiful sunny day, Winter wanted to feel free again! To become a fable out in the wilderness and enjoy her freedom with her loved one, however. Winter were to suffer a worse faith than she desired. She took Bigby by the hand and ventured out in the wilderness. The two of them found a beautiful grass field, filled with joy of the nature. They both took a second and glanced at each other for a short moment. Bigby prepared to cancel the magic that bound him to disguise as a mundy. Suddenly, the magic were canceled and a bright white wolf, accompanied with a black, humongous wolf and then there was silence. The two love birds glanced at each other and from one moment to another. Ones mouth would be covered in blood. Whilst the other would be decoration the green grass field with their bloodied body. Yes, The big bad wolf had killed Winter. It had murdered her in cold blood, not to confuse the innocence of Bigby, this had nothing to do with Bigby. The big bad wolf had taken over and with it's hunger, it had sated it for the moment, with the blood of it's own wife.

The day came to an end and Bigby's personal witch found him as his fable, shivering deep within the gasp of the forest. Greenleaf glamoured Bigby once again and he once again, turned back to Bigby, however. He were not the same man, he remembered and he knew what he had done to his wife. He would never be to forget and he would never be to forgive.

Bigby Wolfee

The man whom don't speak, but growls

~My lips are sealed~

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