Whitelist Application for Kyo Akutabi

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Whitelist Application for Kyo Akutabi

Post by ss2gohan1010 on Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:25 pm

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character name & background :

Character Name: Kyo Akutabi


Kyo had lost his parents they were slaughtered before his eyes and was left only his elder brother who took care of him from the time he was 10 years old. Later on the two brothers find themselves fighting against an enemy ninja during a mission that was too strong for the both of them. The mission was necessary to save the lives of countless innocent people and they were the only ones who would take on the mission. They escaped from the first encounter with this man and managed to find cover in a building nearby they both knew about the clan they came from. From the teachings of the clan in order to gain the strength and become stronger one had to feel the pain of losing a person that was close to them a friend or family member this could only be done once and with someone of their clan. With this thought in mind Kyo's Elder brother asked he take his life and his eyes in order to prevent from the innocents and Kyo from dying to the enemy. Kyo refused as the enemy drew closer on the building they were located in saying, "I would rather die than do something like that Brother!" However his brother approached him holding a kunai in his hand and it seemed like he was going to kill the young boy instead. Kyo closed his eyes and in an instant both brothers were covered in blood and a voice spoke, "You must live on and become stronger. Live the life I dreamed of having little brother and have a family of your own protect them as I have done for.......you." The older brother's body fell to the ground as Kyo opened his eyes he could see he was now holding the kunai his brother held and his brother was dead.... After the loss of his entire family Kyo became reckless taking mission after mission with not real bearing on his life as he practically had no more care for himself and only retained his care for others.
After spending many years alone he went from mission to mission until encountering a mission that was finally too much for him. He had come accustomed to being wounded when missioning or helping others but he did not count on having his torso nearly ripped in half during a simple escort mission. His body flung into the air as he was nearly cleaved in half and landed in a river unconscious. For most people that would have been the end but somehow he managed to survive and found himself washed ashore on an island his wounds treated and cared for, but as to who had taken care of them he did not know. From his years of missions he was adept at survival so he quickly began to adapt to the island, though he could not get over the fact the island was inhabited by dinosaurs of all things…. They were large and rather simple minded which with his ninja training made it childsplay to avoid their attacks and allow him to survive here.
A year went by and he seemed to have a good understanding of the island and made good on avoiding any people that had landed on the island still not knowing who treated him he was curious about the people there but out of caution he avoided everyone. One day however he ran into what appeared to be a girl being chased by a pack of raptors the girl was not ordinary that was obvious from her ears and how they poked out of her hair and her tail. The girl almost resembled a wolf as she ran from the raptors Kyo didn’t know what to do, but his good nature made him rush out and quickly come between the raptors and the girl as they began to corner her in a clearing by a cliff face. “Stay behind me”, he called out an arrow quickly dispatching one raptor while he appeared. Four more raptors remained as he pulled a sword from behind his back a small blade resembling something of a cross between a longsword and a large knife. In a flash he dashed and disappeared in the blink of an eye a whistle came from above the raptors and Kyo appeared slashing down upon one raptor nearly slicing its head in two. In another blink of an eye Kyo appeared to the one on the right the blade now thrust into the heart of the beast. Two raptors remain in this instant the girl made a move of her own dashing towards one raptor on the left and with a flash her claws she shred the things head clean off. Kyo stops for a moment and chuckles before saying “Nice moves there.” As he does this he does not notice the last raptor creep up on him and in an instant the girl watches letting out a yelp as if to warn him but he is quickly chomped down on by the raptor….. However something is amiss no blood spills and Kyo’s body disappears in a cloud of smoke. As the smoke clears another look shows the raptor holding a log in its mouth the raptor and the girl both surprised by this as suddenly the raptor falls to pieces in an instant as though it was slashed multiple times and its body just realized it. Chunks of raptor and blood spray all over as Kyo calls out “Hey up here.” The girl turns around spotting Kyo up on a branch of the tree behind her sliding the blade back into its leather bound sheath on his back. Kyo hops down and speaks again, “Are you okay? This place is rather dangerous you know you might wanna carry around more weapons.” The girl smirks as she says in reponse, “I can manage.” The girl pulls out something and pushes a button on it and it folds out into a compound bow she points it as what seems to be Kyo a metal arrow drawn. She releases the arrow zips past Kyo’s face nailing a large Boa to the tree by the head killing it instantly. Kyo turned after the arrow wizzed by and can do nothing but whistle as he stares back at the girl and says “Nice shot, but why didn’t you take care of the raptors with that?” She responds “Too many.” He asks her name she tells him Aurelia and the two continue conversing though she seems to have a difficult time of talking fully and disappear into the forest of the island.
Spending quite a bit of time to understand one another Kyo offers to stay with Aurelia the two became quick friends as they set out surviving on this strange island. She taught him much of the ones who lived on the island as they spied on them out of view she also let him know how she was in hiding trying to keep from being killed by someone. He in turn taught her more English as well as some training he had picked up back at home to better improve her movements when fighting in hand to hand combat situations. There was one thing that seemed to bother him though for some reason she had this strange habit of knocking Kyo out and putting him in a cage and trying to feed him at first. After a while she would simply knock him out and put him in a cage and just giggle he really had not really understood why she did this to him and when he would get out she would simply giggle at him. Kyo simply shrugged that off thinking maybe it was some sort of thing she did to people she liked. The two had spent quite a bit of time in hiding until something caused Aurelia to come out of hiding she simply said “Calling” when Kyo asked why and so they decided to come into the light……

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