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Server Rules

Post by Ivan The Impaler on Sat Oct 10, 2015 11:11 pm


We have some basic rules to make everyones quality of life in the game both fair and fun. (Rules are subject to change and being added to. Warning will be given before a change is made)

1. Role play is preferred. We understand that people have lives and play during work or looking after children, and can’t always spend time to RP. Please type “busy can’t RP atm” so the other player knows.

2. No looting of sleeping players bodies.

3. No killing passive dinos; if another player attacks you with their dino you then gain both kos on player and said dino. You may kill a dino protecting its base if it starts attacking but must leave all passive dinos alone. If you tranq a passive dino to steal its inventory and the dino dies, it is looked down upon and a new dino (same species same lvl or higher) must be tamed to replace the dead one.

4. Auto turrets must be inside your base complex (this does not mean inside the building just inside the complex) and be set to low range and 2 second warning. Plant turrets may only be turned on low inside buildings, outside must be decoration only.

5. No kill on sight, you must have an in game reason to kill another player and must have initiated with them first and have a legitimate in game reason for wanting them dead.

6. Be respectful of other players; bullying or harassing a player/group/tribe constantly by initiating on them against their wishes is frowned upon and will lead to actions being taken, remember that RP should be fun for both parties. There are some restrictions on using diseases as a weapon as follows:

1.Dropping diseased creatures into player bases is NOT allowed.
2.Dropping diseased corpses into player bases is NOT allowed.
3.Purposefully infecting other players in order to troll or grief them is NOT allowed.

Sexism, extremism, sexuality hate, will not be tolerated.

7. No Powergaming and Metagaming:
Powergaming and metagaming are both strictly forbidden. Powergaming is the act of forcing an action or state on another player. A good example of powergaming would be telling a player that you cut off their arm, this affects their character greatly and they have no say in it. Metagaming is the act of using information your character wouldn't know to your advantage. A good example of metagaming would be reading a base location on the forums then using that to find and raid said base. Tribe logs are never to be used for IC purposes. This will be considered Metagaming and is punishable as such.

8. Combat logging is forbidden. Combat logging is the act of logging out during combat to your advantage.

9. Raiding (must have in character reason)
You may only harm creatures or sentries which are a direct threat to you (ie. Currently attacking you).
Any players found asleep must remain untouched. This includes stealing, hurting or anything else.
During a raid you may only cause the smallest amount of damage possible to get at what you need. This means using the correct tool for the job, minimizing any collateral damage and generally trying to do the least amount of damage possible.
Passive creatures may be tranqed to access their inventory but their saddles are not allowed to be taken

10. If you die due to your environment you may get your things, if you die in rp your items are forfeit, you may not return to your body unless the players you were rping with have said otherwise. When you die you are to act as if you were wounded and fell unconscious waking in your bed or beach. You can’t remember the events up to 5 mins before your death unless you wish to perma death your character.

11.Battle royal rules coming soon

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